The Meadow-Larks

Our Sound Is Our Success...

Live Music for Any Occasion

Musicians from soloists to ensembles of various numbers to meet the specifics of your event from theme, musical style, musical selections, and within your budget!

The Meadow-Larks have evolved from their founding in 1966, and have featured the best musicians in our area over the years. When our founder, the late Ed Roderigues passed away in January of 2000, his family chose Dan Ferreira to lead the Meadow-Larks. Under Dan's direction, we continue to update our musical libraries, contemporarize our music, and continue our legacy of providing quality live music for any occasion.

From ceremonial music, to cocktail hours, wedding receptions, corporate functions, parades, and fundraising events, consider the professional musicians of the Meadow-Larks. Call or email for a demo CD and more information on any of our formats ...soloists, brass and string ensembles, a dixieland band, a german band, a marching band, a concert band, small combos, to our complete big band format.

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Dan Ferreira & The Meadow-Larks

Phone: (508) 222 -0463

Toll Free 1 (866) 226-4693
Updated 4/8/2019

 New events have been added - more to be posted soon!